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Service and Habitation Checks

Ensuring your motorhome has an annual habitation service is imperative to its overall health and functionality. A habitation service can be done at any point in the year with many owners choosing later in the year.

  • A habitation service refers to the habitation areas of your motorhome. It comprises of many types of inspection including checking window locks as well as inspecting it for gas safety.
  • You should allow for approximately three hours for a motorhome habitation service.
  • New motorhomes require a habitation service to be done to keep warranties valid.
  • Having a motorhome habitation service is important for retaining its value. Future buyers of your motorhome will want to see a full service history which includes a habitation service; any breaks in the history could put off a potential buyer.
  • The main jobs carried out in a motorhome habitation service are: damp checks; electrical and gas safety checks; chassis mountings; appliance checks and an inspection of your water systems.
  • There are also smaller, functionality checks that should take place in a habitation service. This includes checking how well moving components like doors, locks, window and door seals and the operation of blinds.
  • You will be provided with a full breakdown of all checks and results at the end of the service/check
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